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Adress and Reception – J. Riva

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This course encourages students to see themselves are part of a group, a school and an international future network facilitated through English language skills. In this context, and the context of COVID-19, students will propose and produce projects : events, installations, performances and situations, that attempt innovative forms of address and reception suitable for this distinctive period.

Given the broader professional contexts that artist and designers are expected to work in, the course focuses on expanding the students’ repertoire as cultural producers. In a laboratory-style atmosphere, students will collaborate to propose and realise projects that seek out different forms of presentation and location other than, what is now, the limited space of the white cube.

Collaboration, knowledge sharing, language sharing, innovation, spontaneity and appropriate forms of risk taking.

Using English in a professional context to form networks and to collaborate in various cultural contexts. The course also takes into account the constantly changing space of contemporary practice in art and design and the necessity for new forms of presentation. aboration and knowledge sharing, innovation and spontaneity, rehearse strategies for presentation and delivery.

Attendance and participation in discussion and development of projects, presentation of works and events, and documentation.

SAVOIR-FAIRE attendus à l'issue du cours
Developing strategies for using English in different and shifting cultural contexts, written and oral presentation skills, critical thinking and decision making relevant to working under changing conditions, event organisation, collaboration, networking.